Baltimore’s Gorgeous New Development

December 21, 2016
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Baltimore’s Gorgeous New Development

Metropolitan Partners is looking into the construction of a tower for offices and apartments with thirty-three floors. The development at One Light Street is possible with the help of Madison Marquette. The building would be located by the Inner Harbor and the plans currently reside with a developer in Virginia. Some of the features being developed include space for three-hundred-forty separate apartments, offices located on ten of the floors and a parking garage able to hold six-hundred-forty-six different spots. A façade of stone is planned to hide the garage and be as tall as the buildings nearby. The style will be of the French Renaissance which McDonalds owns. Their restaurant will be on the bottom floor.

The original proposal was made a year ago for one-hundred-ten million dollars but that was before new features were added including ten additional floors for office space. Twenty-eight million dollars in bonds from BDC is backing the garage.

A Della Notte location is also under planning for new apartments. Joseph Clarke, one of the owners said that this is an anniversary of twenty-five years. They always intended to construct more space for offices in this particular location.

The stone base has caused questions among the design panel of the city due to its nature being called imposing. Concerns were also raised about the truck entry on East Baltimore as this area is currently landscaping. Since the leaders of the city have given their support to this site, the development has been prioritized. Thomas Stosur, the director of planning feels they are off to a good start.

A different proposal from WorkShop Development was also under consideration. This proposal was for a tower with sixteen stories high and containing space for around two-hundred-forty apartments. An additional seven-thousand feet would be allocated for retail space. The architects believe this is all an excellent way to continue with the current momentum of growth in the area. The city has even been addressed by the developer about ways to make the area friendlier to people on foot. They just want a project that will benefit the city, look great and give everyone a sense of pride.

Questions have been raised as to whether people will be interested in living in an area with so much traffic, about the garages size and the way the project will actually back against the little row houses in Little Italy. Nothing has been finalized regarding the construction of this building yet.