Mars Mission Extends Goal to Build a City by 2117

June 22, 2017
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Mars Mission Extends Goal to Build a City by 2117

In history, the Middle East has been a place of innovation for a thousand years, and in this modern world, they are taking that innovation to a whole new level with the concept and plan to colonize a city on Mars. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to launch the space mission that by 2117 will have firmly planted a city upon Mars.

This potential colonization of Mars could possibly be the biggest undertaking of our century, as Mars currently has an uninhabitable atmosphere and little life-sustaining potential, but there are few problems that money seem to be unable to fix. Spending 5.4 billion dollars into space technology developments (, the UAE plans to soon be “a world-class national space sector.” In doing so UAE has shown that they will be joining the world’s superpowers which include the United States, China, Russia, and various European countries, in aerospace technology.

UAE’s space agency is made up mostly of the countries younger generation. The average age of the Emiratis being 27. In a group of just 100 scientists, this young age could be a potential driving force in promoting science for UAE’s new generation of youth. This project ultimately calls for an international collaboration.

The UAE Mars Mission ( has begun to collaborate with other international scientists whose aims mirror their own. Critics are skeptical, as one could have a hard time believing in how likely it truly is that the UAE will have colonized a new planet in the next 100 years.  Perhaps the new UAE Mars Mission will wind up spurring other global powers into yet another space race, this time of the 21st century, not a mission to the moon, but a mission to Mars.