Wrapup of Warrior Expo East 2017

August 10, 2017
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Wrapup of Warrior Expo East 2017

Billed as the premier industry event, the Warrior Expo East brought hundreds of vendors and thousands of industry professionals together to showcase the newest tech readiness gear. The expo, hosted by Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS Inc.), allowed buyers from across the eastern part of the United Sates to compare and contrast various products and tech gear. It also gave attendees the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest innovations and cost-effective solutions to help law enforcement, emergency medical personal and the military more effectively and safely complete their missions.

The three modalities that people learn by are visual, auditory and tactile. While learning through images and demonstrations are viable learning methods, there is no substitute for an opportunity for a hands-on demonstrations where buyers can actually experience all a product has to offer.

Some of the most-watched and anticipated new readiness products showcased at Warrior Expo East 2017 include:

● Automated manikins that are able to walk, vocalize, and even bleed, offering lifelike simulated training. As an example, ITTS’ wireless-controlled K9 Manikin barks, breathes and bleeds just like a real dog.

● Ballistic and blast simulators that eliminate the need for blank rounds for combat and demolition training. These simulators can create a realistic muzzle flash and reports of 140 decibels.

● Tac-Eye Binocular that provide stereoscopic viewing for solders with a display that can plug directly into computer systems, camera-monitoring systems, thermal-weapons sights, FLIR imagers as well as remote-video sensors. This supplies the true-to-life realism demanded by emergency responders and military training programs, adding great educational value.

● StarChase showcased a unique tactical system that enables law enforcement personnel to more safely apprehend fleeing vehicles. The StarChase system consists of a launcher mounted in a police vehicle that fires a miniature GPS tag. The compressed-air launcher uses a laser targeting system to deploy a 4.5-inch GPS projectile onto a fleeing vehicle, allowing a high-speed chase to be replaced with interdiction technology. Law-enforcement personal can then pull back and track the vehicle on a web-based mapping system, avoiding a potentially hazardous pursuit. Believing the police have given up the chase, with the assistance of air support the offender can be safely apprehended after dropping their guard.

The Warrior Expo East 2017 keynote speaker was 41-year U.S. Army veteran General Martin Dempsey. General Dempsey served as U.S. Army Chief of Staff as well as Chairman of the White House Joint Chiefs of Staff. Earning numerous awards of distinction, General Dempsey accumulated 42 months in combat, serving in Operation Desert Storm as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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