What Sets this Air Force Apart from the Rest?

July 31, 2017
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What Sets this Air Force Apart from the Rest?

The UAE Air Force (http://www.uaeusaunited.com/story/air-force-desert-falcons/) is one that has been lauded around the world for the amazing work that it does. The country has spent quite a lot of time and energy ensuring that it will grow, and this article explains why their Air Force is one that people must pay attention to. Someone who is interested in flying will be inspired by this Air Force, and they will learn what it takes to create the proper flying culture.

How do People Serve in the UAE Air Force?
The Air Force has a compulsory service requirement for all citizens of the country, and it allows the country to help everyone take part in their country’s defense. Those who join the Air Force will serve their initial commission while learning to fly or service aircraft, and they will help grow the ranks of the Air Force as it defends the country’s borders.

Female Pilots
Women are encouraged to serve, and they are often given positions as pilots and mechanics in this unique flying force. Someone who wants to learn to fly is given the necessary training, and they will be given the opportunity to learn to fly fighter jets, bombers and supply planes that are a large part of the country’s self-defense. The Air Force is growing quickly to ensure that there are many more trained pilots in the country, and they will help bolster the civilian group of pilots.

Defending Against ISIL
The UAE must defend against ISIL, and the most-effective way to stop insurgents is to bomb them from the sky. The Air Force is more than capable of striking ISIL from the air, and they will stop the ISIL armies from making their way over the border. This is important because of the oil interests in the country, and there are many larger cities that must be defended.

Growing Commerce
Commerce in the country will grow quite a lot when men and women are trained to serve as pilots. They will leave the Air Force ready to fly jets for airlines, and they will help with the shipping and cargo industries. The country will grow its economy, and they will have many more skilled laborers to work in the industry (read more).

The Air Force in the UAE is vital to the defense of the country. They will help create a safer border, sand they will help the country grow.